Read This If You Are Tired Of Finding
Excuses For Your Excuses

By Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa

  • The greatness that God deposited in your life needs to come out.

  • On your birthday don't just celebrate the passage of time but the quality of time.

  • It is through desire that a man separates himself and mixes with wisdom.

  • When faced with imminent failure take time to think and pray and listen to the inward

  • It’s amazing what you have in your spirit. God has given you everything for living a successful life 

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How to make a comeback


By Tim Storey

  • “Just because you are following God's plan and purpose, your life will not be perfect. In fact, that's when the battle gets more intense.”

  • “God gives you the sight, the right, and the might to do great things, but you have to develop the fight!”

  • “I believe God has specific promises for you that relate directly to His purpose for your life. Whatever your purpose, dream, or vision, there is a promise to meet every need to fulfill it.”

  • “Courage doesn't happen without fear, doubt, and unbelief; courage overcomes all of these things to get the job done.

  • "How do we knock off fear or doubt out unbelief? Simple faith in God.”

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God Turns Pressure Into Power

By Bishop T. D. Jakes

  • No matter how hard you might try, you can’t escape the spiritual bond between you and your Maker. You can’t drink it away. You can’t smoke it away. You can’t sex it away.”

  • It’s the nights that I cried myself to sleep and my tears crawled across the bridge of my nose that God most often used to develop me into the person I am today.

  • He wants you to offer hope to those being crushed and struggling to understand.

  • When the Master gives us the vision of what He’s going to do in our lives, He shows us the mountain peaks while He hides the valleys.

  • If you saw the climb you would have to endure to get to the mountaintop, you would abandon the entire trip.”

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  • We pray because our own solutions don’t work and because prayer deploys, activates, and fortifies us against the attacks of the enemy. We pray because we’re serious about taking back the ground he has sought to take from us.

  • God’s real desire, in addition to displaying His glory, is to claim your heart and the hearts of those you love.

  • Because this is war. The fight of your life. A very real enemy has been strategizing and scheming against you, assaulting you, coming after your emotions, your mind, your man, your child, your future. In fact, he is doing it right this second. Right where you’re sitting. Right where you are.

  • Marriage stands for the creation of unity among two people who were once separated in every way before love reached out and found the other—the way God reached out and found us, and covenanted with us, and loved us, and despite who we are, despite what we’re like, still loves us. This image, more than almost anything, is exactly what the enemy wants to denigrate.

  • Passion is the fuel in the engine of your purpose. It is your “want-to.” It’s what keeps you going when mundane tasks bore you or difficult ones dissuade you.