My name’s Nkosinathi I. Mazibuko, and I’m your friend.

You want to live a life of fulfillment, that you know in your heart of hearts?

A life that matters? Are you ready to embark on the Journey With God?


We are here to help you every step of the way, as you move forward on this new adventure that also needs a trustworthy team.


Everybody needs support and a mentor to show the way.


Together, lets get on the Journey With God!

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"Do what you love, Do what you good at, by adding value to people's lives, because my friends that's real purpose and true fulfillment, right there."

Nkosinathi I. Mazibuko

Journey With God Blog

With your host, Nkosinathi I. Mazibuko


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                  Nkosinathi I. Mazibuko

After 18 years of running away from God's calling on his life, to being invited to speak to many people in churches and organizations. Through entire journey and process, God has always been  leading Nkosinathi I. Mazibuko to ministry in a new unique direction. With the help of his wife Nomsa, the ministry launched as a podcast in various digital platforms online.

Born Rich, Grew Up Poor and Became Wealthy is the real life story of Nkosinathi I. Mazibuko. Born in a small town called Dundee, in the North East of KwaZulu Natal province in South Africa. Now, the founder, host and executive producer of the Journey With God, which he founded together with his dear wife Nomsa Wabanie-Mazibuko. He share people's journey with God with some of the most inspiring, successful and influential leaders from around the world. He helps people learn from each other's journey with God as evidenced through their real life stories and experiences. More information about his real life story are shared broadly on his book:)

"Born Rich, Grew-Up Poor and Became Wealthy".


Nkosinathi I. Mazibuko is known for his uncompromisingly bold and practical approach to God’s Word. As a great source of inspiration, an excellent coach, trainer and leader, his messages position believers to be reconciled first with God before they can be reconciled with each other. He and his wife Nomsa are the founders of Journey With God and The Assembly-International.


A ministry that shares people's journey with God and committed to reconciling people with God first before they can be reconciled with each other. He has inspired people from all walks of life, from professional footballers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, executives, business professionals, pastors to the under privileged children.


He often meets privately to coach, train and mentor professional footballers and high-profile leaders in various industries. He leads Journey With God Ministry and the The Assembly Ministry in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, meets bi-weekly and provides spiritual insight, direction and training for people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and needs.


He is featured on an internationally populated podcast and online channel available on YouTube, Facebook Watch, and Instagram called Journey With God each weekend, providing short inspirational moments and people's journey with God, as the main feature of the ministry - learning from each others journey with God is key to our spiritual and personal development.


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